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Finding a Place: Hispanic Faith, Work and Identity
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April 16, 2014—It’s the middle of another election year. And while midterms historically draw a smaller crowd of voters, they bring to the forefront of political conversation a variety of issues intended to energize voter bases and solidify party candidates. Predictably, one of those issues is once again immigration. With roughly 53 million Latinos living in America, they are now the nation’s largest ethnic or race minority, making them an important voting demographic for any candidate. However, Hispanic Americans on the whole show up to vote at midterms less than other groups. Some candidates are hoping to change that by... Read More
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The Longer Hispanics Experience U.S. Culture, The Less Socially Conservative they Become
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August 20, 2013 – After significantly influencing the 2012 presidential election, Hispanics captured the attention of the nation’s leaders and media. Now, as the debate over the future of immigration continues, political liberals and conservatives alike may be surprised to learn about the values and priorities of today’s Hispanics in the U.S. Research from Barna: Hispanics, in partnership with the American Bible Society, the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, and OneHope, reveals that the faith and social values of Latinos may be more conservative than many cultural observers realize. As America’s fastest growing demographic segment, Hispanics demonstrate high commitments to... Read More
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A Shifting Faith
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Faith and religion—primarily Catholicism—remain strong influences on millions of Hispanics, but they are a group in transition. This is true of Hispanics even more so than other Americans. Some of these dimensions of transition include Hispanics’ willingness to change denominations or faiths, their transitory connections with congregations and the softening allegiance of Millennials to Catholic and charismatic identity. The Three C’s of Hispanic Faith Three “C’s” cast long shadows on the faith of today’s Hispanics in America—Christianity, Catholicism and charismatic faith. As for the first “C,” more than four out of five Hispanics (84%) describe themselves as part of the... Read More
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Why Barna: Hispanics?
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Understand one of the fastest growing audiences in America with the groundbreaking new report Hispanic America: Faith, Values and Priorities. As the nation’s largest minority group—and one of the fastest-growing segments—Hispanics are an increasingly powerful force shaping our society. And with 84% identifying themselves as Christians, Hispanic Americans are also shaping the face of American Christianity. With these shifting demographics in mind, Barna Group is launching Barna: Hispanics. In the coming decades, the values, beliefs, behaviors and worldview of Hispanics will increasingly affect the fabric of American life. Understanding the Hispanic audience and their impact is important for anyone interested... Read More
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Hispanic Priorities: Marriage, Family and Youth
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Hispanics place a high value on family, naming it as the most significant contribution Latinos make to American society today. Additionally, the perceived challenges facing their children often drive energy and frustration within Hispanic communities, which end up driving political and social agendas. Views on Families and Marriage Given the high value placed on the issue of family, it’s not surprising Hispanics take a socially conservative view of family on many counts. Almost eight in 10 (78%) agree family is the basic building block of a healthy community; seven in 10 (69%) agree a child is better off if he... Read More
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Hispanics and the Bible
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When it comes to the role of the Bible in their lives, Hispanics show a distinct gap between how they view the Bible and how they use the Bible. While they hold a very high view of Scripture, there seems to be a lack of clarity or desire for how to apply the Bible in everyday life. Bible Engagement In Barna Group’s work with the American Bible Society, we have developed a four-part engagement typology, ranging from the most to the least Bible engaged. Only 8% of Hispanics qualify as Bible Engaged (believe the Bible is the actual word of... Read More
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The Pressing Issues
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Many issues are on Hispanics’ minds, from education and employment to immigration and the dissolution of families. However, Hispanic’s primary concerns change dramatically from generation to generation—and their priorities depend on how long they have lived in the U.S. What is the Single Most Pressing Challenge? When asked to identify the “single most pressing challenge” for the Latino community, employment and education were at the top of most respondent’s list. Half of Hispanics say one of these two issues is the most pressing for their communities. They are nearly split on which one: 27% say employment and 24% identify education.... Read More
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Endorsements for The Hispanic America Study
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“Understanding Hispanics—the largest minority group in the U.S.—is the first step in reaching out to this group with the Gospel and family help that meets unique needs of U.S. Hispanics. Hispanic America: Faith, Values and Priorities by Barna Group confirms the need for strategic outreach, support and resources which we will continue to provide through our vital partnership with NHCLC.” Jim Daly President, Focus on the Family “The Barna: Hispanic study is the profile of a community reaching a threshold or tipping point in aspects of faith, socio-political attitudes, and lifestyles. It reveals the numbers of a critical mass and... Read More
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Hispanic America Study
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Hispanics represent nearly one out of every six adults in the U.S. today and demographic projections show this segment is likely to grow in the coming decades. By 2050, it’s predicted there will be no ethnic or racial majority in the U.S. and Hispanics will make up 25 to 30 percent of the population. In the coming decades, the values, beliefs, behaviors and worldview of Hispanics will increasingly affect the fabric of American life. Understanding the Hispanic audience and their impact is important for anyone interested in reading the times and carefully engaging with cultural and sociological trends. It is... Read More
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The Partners
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The Hispanic America: Faith, Values & Priorities study is a collaboration of American Bible Society, Barna Group, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference and OneHope. The purpose of the study is to shine a light on U.S. Hispanics’ views on the Bible, language, culture, money, economics, family and sanctity of life. The study was commissioned and conducted in summer of 2012. American Bible Society Headquartered in Manhattan, the 196-year-old American Bible Society exists to make the Bible available to every person in a language and format each can understand and afford, so all people may experience its life-changing message. One of... Read More
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    Charismatic Gifts

    49% of Hispanics believe charismatic gifts are an active part of world today

    At Church This Week

    In the last week, 40% of Hispanics have attended a church worship service

    Church and Youth

    21% of Hispanics say churches do “very well” at influencing youth

    Top 3 Concerns for Youth

    Hispanics name dropout rates, substance abuse and teen pregnancy

    Practicing Faith

    1/3 of Hispanics qualify as “practicing Christians”

    Transforming Faith

    38% of Hispanics say their faith has greatly transformed their life

    Financial Advice

    36% of Hispanics say they would not know where to turn for financial advice

    Family Values

    69% of Hispanics agree a child is better off if he or she has married parents

    Bible Ownership

    87% of Hispanics own a Bible