Endorsements for The Hispanic America Study

“Understanding Hispanics—the largest minority group in the U.S.—is the first step in reaching out to this group with the Gospel and family help that meets unique needs of U.S. Hispanics. Hispanic America: Faith, Values and Priorities by Barna Group confirms the need for strategic outreach, support and resources which we will continue to provide through our vital partnership with NHCLC.”
Jim Daly
President, Focus on the Family

“The Barna: Hispanic study is the profile of a community reaching a threshold or tipping point in aspects of faith, socio-political attitudes, and lifestyles. It reveals the numbers of a critical mass and the dynamics toward significant change that begs to be acknowledged in the American church and society”
Rev. Dr. Jesse Miranda
Executive Presbyter, Executive Presbyter for the Assemblies of God Hispanic West Region

“Hispanic Millenials have an influential voice today and will continue to play a major role in American society.  The Study reveals insights on how their faith, values, and priorities shape their worldview.  As a Roman Catholic engaged in ecumenical interfaith work, I am aware of how valuable this information will be for churches, schools and educational organizations like ours.  This comprehensive Study will guide critical discussions on how to help this generation address the challenges and opportunities of their daily lives through a Christian-biblical paradigm.”
Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D.
Founder and President, The Ruth Institute

“This is one of the best comprehensive studies on our Hispanic population. I commend you for the wide scope and depth of the information.”
Dr. Fermín A. Whittaker
CEO California Southern Baptist Convention

Hispanic America: Faith, Values and Priorities is a serious and critical attempt to better understand the U.S. Latino population, offering keen insight of the social, political and spiritual dynamics that influence everyday life of this major minority group. The profound analysis, serious considerations and critical evaluations of the findings of this study will prove important for the Hispanic church, Christian educators, pastors, and leaders in the political, sociological, religious and theological arenas. The implications of this study will prove to be of critical importance in educational, theological, economic and political program design and its implementation.”
Samuel Pagán, Ph.D., Hebrew Bible Professor and Dean of Hispanic Programs
Jerusalem Center for Biblical Studies, Jerusalem Israel and Lakeland, FL

Hispanic America: Faith, Values & Priorities inspires a compelling case for a catalytic movement to help Hispanics apply biblical principles to the issues that matter most in their lives. This unprecedented study offers a road map to designing strategies that address the challenges facing Hispanic families, Millenials, and—in effect—Christianity in America. Simply put, God sent.”
Robert Cruz, Senior Pastor
Casa de Alabanza, Miami FL

“As the President of a New Hampshire-based Catholic College, I see how the Bible is essential in helping our students use their God-given faculties of both faith and reason. As a Christian and an academic, I see the acute need to read and apply Scripture in helping young men and women live their lives in the Truth of Jesus and joyfully engage in a world that is an increasingly hostile to people of faith. Hispanic America: Faith, Values and Priorities confirms both concerning and hopeful trends in the U.S. Latino community.”
George A. Harne, Ph.D.
President, The College of Saint Mary Magdalen

“The discoveries and observations yielded by the research become the basis for a national “wake-up” call for the family of faith with respect to the Hispanic community. The findings are overwhelming with conviction, yet at the same time offer opportunities for the evangelical Christian community to develop initiatives for spiritual impact in the lives of Hispanics across our country and beyond. I recommend this study to strategic ministry leaders. This study will help shape ministry direction, programming, and resource allocation for years to come. Congratulations for this comprehensive update on the Hispanic community!”
Gus Reyes, Ph.D.
Director, Hispanic Education Initiative, Texas Baptists

“This research study provides great insight into the beliefs and praxis of faith within the Hispanic/Latino Christian community. The data can potentially influence the way Hispanics do church now and it examines the trends that will allow us to forecast and prepare for the future of the Hispanic Church. This is a necessary tool for pastors, Christian leaders, seminarians and the community at large, Hispanics and non-Hispanics. Adelante…”
Rev. Joanne Solis-Walker, Director of Latino Latina Education
Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University

“With the on-going emergence of America’s Hispanic population as a major force in the public square, more than ever we need to understand how this community thinks not only about politically and economic controversial issues in relation to their religious faith, but also how they think about themselves. Readers of this survey will find some of their preconceptions about these subjects confirmed, but others radically challenged. I recommend this study to anyone interested in understanding how Hispanic understand their faith and connect it to their moral, political, and economic lives in America.”
Samuel Gregg
Director of Research, Acton Institute

“The Barna Group has given us the latest and most detailed glimpse into the hearts, minds and spirits of Hispanics in America today.  Our challenge is to harness these Hispanic values – their work ethic, the value of education, and the significant importance of the traditional nuclear family. These insights will prove invaluable to the spiritual, academic, financial and political sectors of our country.”
Jesse Rincones
President, Hispanic Baptist Convention of Texas

Hispanic America: Faith, Values and Priorities is an insightful research study that provides an understanding of the growing Hispanic population and their faith.  The future of the church, and of this country, depends on how well we decipher and respond to the complexities of the ever changing Hispanic population.  This report is essential for all leaders.”
Josué del Risco,
North American Mission Board, Southern Baptist Convention

“Barna: Hispanic’s research shows that Hispanic Evangelicals are not only on the rise but have strong, focused opinions on faith, family, education, and of course immigration. These findings will also help us address and advance these issues better and wisely from a biblical perspective.”
Eliezer Bonilla, M. Div.
Senior Pastor, Abundant Life Church of God, San Antonio, TX

“Hispanic America: Faith, Values, & Priorities is a valuable tool for those seeking to communicate with and minister to the rapidly growing Hispanic population in this country. Accurate knowledge about their faith, lifestyles, priorities, and challenges is absolutely essential if we are going to be effective in communicating the message of salvation, congregating believers, engaging them in discipleship, and developing the type of leaders that will bring glory to God and strengthen the moral fiber of our beloved nation.”
Daniel R. Sánchez, Ph. D.
Associate Dean, Professor of Missions, Director of the Scarborough Institute for Church Growth
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas

“The study’s responses are very interesting and telling. It drives me to the conclusion that the Church lives in a tension of the past and the present and, even more important, of its future. The Church is finding itself challenged to be relevant in changing times. This study is more important than ever to everyone that ministers to the Hispanics in the USA.”
Daniel de Leon, Senior Pastor
Templo Calvario, Santa Ana, CA

“Hispanic America: Faith, Values, and Priorities shines a light on the issue of access and opportunity to higher education and employment. These two issues will have a major bearing on the health of Hispanic families in the future. Consequently, the more access that Hispanic families have to education and employment in the future, the healthier and stronger America will become. Churches, denominations, ministries, and leaders that implement tangible solutions for Hispanics around these issues will be best positioned for relevance in the lives of Hispanic families in the future and will be able to speak in a credible way to a wide array of other issues among this growing segment of our population.”
Albert L. Reyes, D. Min., Ph.D.
President and CEO, Buckner International

“The Barna Hispanic America report makes it clear that we in the U.S. need to transform our stance toward Hispanics, especially with regard to jobs and educational opportunities.  We will not renew our claim to spiritual and moral vitality until we act justly toward the rich tapestry of peoples called “Hispanic.”
R. Mark Grace, V.P. Office of Mission & Ministry
Baylor Health Care System

“The future of our nation and our faith lies in our ability to defy the statistics and reach the Millennial generation with the gospel of Christ.  Empowered by the information provided by this landmark study, the Church can be much more intentional and relevant in their outreach Hispanics.”
Yvette Santana, Women’s Discipleship Coordinator
SW Region, Church of God

“The Barna: Hispanic study comes at a critical time when politicians and Hispanic religious leaders are primed for an unprecedented convergence which will certainly result in positive social change. At the fore of the issues identified in this document is the crisis of education in Hispanic/Latino communities, particularly the excessive high school drop-out rate and lack of engagement with higher education. I recommend that every leader, whether secular or faith-based, carefully review these findings for the common good.”
Daniel F. Flores, PhD
Senior Pastor, La Trinidad United Methodist Church
Fort Worth, Texas

“America: Faith, Values, and Priorities highlights some important insights and very concerning trends for the U.S. Hispanic community. On questions addressing the area of “Money Management and Economics” more than one-third of respondents feel that they have “no one to turn to” for financial problems. Financial literacy information gap can also encourage Latinos to seek assistance ‘from the government’ as a long-term solution for finances forcing the Latino community to make poor financial decisions, and bringing about a sense of despair and dependency. The Bible’s influence offers the change Hispanics truly seek and this major study underscores this profound truth.”
Daniel Garza
Executive Director, The LIBRE Initiative

Hispanic America: Faith, Values, and Priorities is energizing. It shows Hispanic identity at a vibrant intersection of living faith strongly, in spite of changing family ties and common concerns for the strength of the American future. Good news America! Hispanic work ethic, family honor and spirited faith will be important cornerstones for our American tomorrows. Reflecting the diversity of Hispanics in America, this study indicates how each generation is contributing a unique voice to the American development of temporal and spiritual values that will shape our common future.”
Suzii Paynter
Director, Texas Baptist Christian Life Commission
Baptist General Convention of Texas

Hispanic America: Faith, Values, and Priorities is a timely and valuable study which illustrates that we all need to read, hear and apply the Word of God to ensure that we maximize the full potential to ourselves, our families, neighbors and our U.S. society.  Drawing from immigrant and exile experiences, Hispanics can invigorate U.S. Christianity at this pivotal point in U.S. history.  The Bible offers guidance with key decisions ranging from family to finances. As a Christian of the Roman Catholic tradition, I believe the need to incorporate Biblical truths in all aspects of our lives is vital.  This Study will help focus our attention on key areas where this is most needed.”
Carlos R. de Quesada
Founder, VeraCruz Advisory, LLC