Hispanics & Faith in 2012

Faith and religion—primarily Christianity—remain strong influences on millions of Hispanics, but they are a group in spiritual transition. The study explores a variety of faith-related topics, including the growing influence of charismatic streams on both Protestant and Catholic Hispanic traditions, the influence of the Bible on Hispanic’s daily life and increasing faith dissatisfaction among Hispanic millennials. Click on each of the links below to see a visual snapshot of the faith values, concerns, practices and priorities for that demographic.

All Hispanics

Gender: Male

Gender: Female

Age: Mosaic

Age: Buster

Age: Boomer

Age: Elder

Education: High School or Less

Education: College Grad

Household Income: Less than $40k

Household Income: $60k+

Employment Status: Employed

Employment Status: Un-employed

American Generation: 1st Gen

American Generation: 2nd Gen

American Generation: 3rd Gen

American Generation: 4th Gen

Registered Voters: Democratic

Registered Voters: Republican

Registered Voters: Independent

Registered Voters: Not Registered

To read more about the shifting faiths of Hispanic Americans, order a copy of the Hispanic America: Faith, Values & Priorities study.

Find out more about the survey and methodology.