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Latinos who own a Bible

Hispanic America Study

Hispanics represent nearly one out of every six adults in the U.S. today and demographic projections show this segment is likely to grow in the coming decades.

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    Financial Advice

    36% of Hispanics say they would not know where to turn for financial advice

    Charismatic Gifts

    49% of Hispanics believe charismatic gifts are an active part of world today

    Practicing Faith

    1/3 of Hispanics qualify as “practicing Christians”

    Bible Ownership

    87% of Hispanics own a Bible

    Top 3 Concerns for Youth

    Hispanics name dropout rates, substance abuse and teen pregnancy

    At Church This Week

    In the last week, 40% of Hispanics have attended a church worship service

    Church and Youth

    21% of Hispanics say churches do “very well” at influencing youth

    Transforming Faith

    38% of Hispanics say their faith has greatly transformed their life

    Family Values

    69% of Hispanics agree a child is better off if he or she has married parents