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Agree a child is better off if parents are married

A Shifting Faith

Faith and religion—primarily Catholicism—remain strong influences on millions of Hispanics, but they are a group in transition. This is true of Hispanics even more so than other Americans.

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    Transforming Faith

    38% of Hispanics say their faith has greatly transformed their life

    Financial Advice

    36% of Hispanics say they would not know where to turn for financial advice

    Practicing Faith

    1/3 of Hispanics qualify as “practicing Christians”

    Top 3 Concerns for Youth

    Hispanics name dropout rates, substance abuse and teen pregnancy

    Bible Ownership

    87% of Hispanics own a Bible

    At Church This Week

    In the last week, 40% of Hispanics have attended a church worship service

    Family Values

    69% of Hispanics agree a child is better off if he or she has married parents

    Church and Youth

    21% of Hispanics say churches do “very well” at influencing youth

    Charismatic Gifts

    49% of Hispanics believe charismatic gifts are an active part of world today